Hey there!

Long time, no see. Sad, I know. I actually don’t have photoshop anymore and that’s why I haven’t been on here making gifs. 

I now have a personal weight loss blog. I’ve lost 44 lbs and I’m doing Insanity (if you don’t know what that is, it’s this crazy ass workout program that’s amazing, and if you like fitness you should do it!!) So here’s a before and after during of me:

Soooo if you want to follow my progress, you can follow me here:


Okay that’s it hope you’re enjoying your day/ evening/ whatever. Byeeeee!

Britney Spears walking Ellen through her ab workout 

New low price!

Ellen’s monologue on her and Portia’s seventh anniversary.

Anonymous asked: why aren't you posting as much anymore?

lately i’ve been super busy with school and work. i have my last exam tomorrow though, so i’ll be posting more after that :)

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Psychology is hard when you’re a cat.

If you have a cat, you know that cat hair can be a problem. But not for this lady. (x)

Ellie Kemper’s surprise bachelorette party (x)